sunmoonearth info

advertising space available

a link to wikipedia explaining kilowatt hours

this is an ultimate's ok to drool a little
this is a beautiful build of a 3 v dome
this is a beautiful 3v wood build with detailed door shots
3v dome 3d animation
hydroponic watering system..awesome idea (net pots)
a solar powered air fan
link for shrink wrap and shrink fast guns
making conduit dome
one piece of 2v 17 ft diameter
a kit for making solar panels..these are solar cells
definition of a man cave
solar powered kegerator
sky chair
curved hammock
iphone speakers
feet and inches to decimal calc
solar water distiller
sun magnifier big marble
heat pump using ground heat
another video about heat exchange very informative...
polycarbonate sheet can be cut any size.. 1 inside, 1 outside
these are 4'x8' polycarbonate sheets 1/4 inch thick!
a dome surface area calculator

organic food is medicine